Jump Starter

A jump starter is a simple, yet innovative machine for today's commuter. Do you think you know all about them? Think again! Let's define it first. A jump starter is also called a battery booster. And a battery booster can be an emergency charger. But a jump starter and emergency charger are different. Are you confused now? Well, don't be. Here's the difference.

Jump Starter

To jump start means to use a booster cable that is connected to the battery of another vehicle to start the engine of a motor vehicle which has a weak or dead battery. But it is the duty of the alternator (the vehicle's charging system) to re-charge the battery after it has been jump started. And just like regular car batteries though they are smaller, use rechargeable 12 volt lead-acid batteries. They usually weigh between 20-30 pounds so you can carry them anywhere.

Why use a jump starter? Below are some of the situations where you may find them useful:

· It's the season finale of your favorite TV show, and when you switched the TV on, you tripped a circuit and the lights went out.

· You went camping with your friends but you forgot to charge the rechargeable camping lantern, so you all ended up bumping into each other because it was so dark.

· You were so excited to go boating and fishing, but when you tried to start the boat's engine, it didn't start. Fishing off the pier just wasn't that much fun.

· You're happy to finally go home after a tiring work day, and when you turned the key in the ignition, the battery was drained.

· After a severe storm, you want to know what's happening outside your immediate area, but you can't turn the radio on because of the power outage.

You may find the situations above to be unlikely to occur, but this is the reality of life! You just never know when emergencies will happen. That's when you'll need (and really appreciate!) a jump starter. They'll start your car, operate lights, refrigerators, TV's, small electronics and household appliances just when you need them the most. They also have a variety of features, including:

· All jump starters can recharge weak batteries but not completely discharged batteries. This is the most important feature you should look for when buying one.

· Some models have a polarity reversal alarm- this allows the user to know if the connections of the jumper cables are wrong so as to avoid serious injury.

· They can be charged through an AC household receptacle and through the car's DC connector.

-the car's DC connector is designed to supply electrical power for portable accessories used in or near an automobile.

· They can be conveniently left plugged in without causing the battery to be damaged because of its over- charge protection feature.

· The user can tell when to charge it because of the remaining charge indicator.

These are all standard features. However, there are additional tools that you can buy separately. These are helpful, but then of course it depends on how you'll use it and how much you'll want to spend.

· 5 volt USB socket

· 120 volt AC inverter

· Flashlight - Excellent for emergencies and outdoor activities

· Radio -Effective item for disaster preparedness

· Air compressor (tire inflator) -Good for frequent travelers

Jump starters are like emergency toolkits where you can put in all the items that can be most helpful to you. Whether you are in the middle of a simple outage, an unavoidable situation, family travel, group camping or a fierce disaster, it is always better to be prepared.

Jump Starter

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